Friday, March 4, 2011

crutches and a 3 week old?!?!

Yes, that's right! I fell Wednesday night down some stairs and sprained my ankle and am now on crutches. I was going down a neighbor's stairs on her porch with the stroller in my hands and holding a salad bowl (we went over for dinner) and missed a step and hit the pavement. Thank goodness, Reese wasn't in the stroller! I was instantly in so much pain and couldn't move my foot or bear any weight. My thoughts were racing--"oh my gosh, I just broke my foot, how am I going to take care of Reese, I'm never going to be able to workout and lose this baby weight"
My neighbor drove me home and Carl pushed Reese home in the stroller. I iced my foot and elevated it but it hurt like the devil. I couldn't move my toes and the top of my foot and ankle were already swelling. Carl called Brandy (greatest friend ever) and she said she would come by the next day to help out. That night, Carl had to do all the diaper changes and bring Reese to me to feed her. He was so tired the next day for work and I felt so bad for him.
The next morning, Brandy came over and was looking at my foot and said I should have it xrayed. I still couldn't move my toes very well and it was still swollen. So, we packed up sweet Reese and headed to the ER. Thankfully, they don't think it is broken. There is a chance there could be a small break that won't show up but I'm praying that isn't the case. They wrapped my foot and gave me some crutches and I'm supposed to stay off my foot for three days. Which means Carl is doing even more around the house. He is taking care of both dogs, me and Reese at night. He needs a vacation but won't get one for months.
We are both hoping this Sunday my foot will make a huge improvement and I'll be able to walk on it. I do think it was a sign from above that I need to slow down. I have been on the go and doing something almost every day since she was 2 weeks old. I am trying to workout, keep the house clean, still see friends and neighbors and do all of this with less sleep and taking care of a new baby. So, it's no surprise something happened but live and learn.


  1. Ooh, your baby is so cute! And I'm sorry for your anckle... :(

    You have very nice blog! :)

  2. Wow - i hope you are feeling better. Definitely try to take it easy - use the first weeks at home to just take care of Reese and yourself - you can see friends and work out once you guys have a little more energy!!

    1. Danielle---I am just now reading this comment. That is what I should have done!!!