Saturday, January 28, 2012

Crazy coupe

Reese loves her little car. She did lean on the door a few times, which scared me but no mishaps!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Reese feeding herself

You can't fully appreciate the mess she made!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


He sits like this all the time. He needs butt support I guess.

Sick gift

Ok my kid is spoiled. I was saving this toy for her birthday but she went through such a hard week I think she deserved her little lamb a little early.

Day out!!

We went to Westbook brewery in Mt. P and met Erin and Brandy on Saturday. The weather was nice-- sunny and cool. It felt good getting out of the house and we enjoyed the craft beer tasting. Later that night I met my mommy group out for sushi! Deelish!

Sick week

Last week there were viruses galore plaguing our house! Reese came down with a cold Monday night and I came down with a GI bug. Not so fun b/c I was also on call for work and got called at 2am. So, I came home crashed and stayed home from work the next day. I was way too sick/dehydrated/tired to take care of Reese so Carl had to come home from work early and take Reese to the doctor. Turns out it was just a cold and Reese and I spent the whole day in bed napping while Carl took conference calls.
This was the first time Reese has ever slept with me. If I try to nap with her, she wants no part in it. She wants to play, climb me, climb the bed, eat the, even though I felt awful and knew she felt worse I loved snuggling with her. On a side note, I tried to nap with her yesterday and she crawled all over me and wouldn't fall asleep. The cold lasted all week and she felt pretty awful for the majority of it. Every very night she had a fever, the stuffy nose is almost gone but the cough is lingering. And of course, it worse at night when she needs to sleep. January has been a rough month for some of the people around us and I have found it stressful with the day care switch and Reese being sick. On the horizon though is her birthday party which I am starting to plan and yesterday we had good weather and finally got out of the house. I'll post on that soon. So, hopefully better days are ahead.

Monday, January 16, 2012

I still have nothing to wear!

Carl tricked out our closet for me over the weekend. It isn't totally done but pretty close!! I love it!!!!!!!!! There is even a place to hang my scrubs.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


We went to the SC aquarium today and Reese seemed to really enjoy watching the fish swim! She saw my aunt's fish tank over the summer and loved to sit and watch the fish so I knew we would have to visit our aquarium. And, I love our aquarium, they have river otters and sea turtles (some of my faves). The river otters were asleep in the sun, which totally reminded me of Gibbs so we walked around, saw the big tank and checked out some of the little tanks. 
This weekend we also installed built-ins for our closet! Hooray! I love my house but there is hardly any storage. No coat closet/hall closet, no closet in the bathrooms! Really!! So, we are well on our way to a more organized 2012 (even thought this was on our to do list since 2010).
 I love this first pis of Reese in a nest--she can make such funny faces. I've never seen this face before!

Her hair is long enough for a bow


Net feeder

Reese loves this thing now. She is currently chewing on cold grapes which help her teething.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

This is how I get my hair done and some makeup smacked on. Play time in the tub in our bathroom!!

Baby's first Christmas party

Here are the babies in my mommy group!! So cute! If you saw the group Halloween pics, all the same babes minus the pumpkin ( he was sick)!! Click on the pics, for some reason they're acting up.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Well it's official. No more nanny. I cried this morning after talking to Anne and deciding to use a home daycare. It's been hard but Reese has had it pretty good with the nanny, as have I. Bright side,,,,, Reese is going to get used to lots of other kids and make new friends! Change is hard for me and I'm realizing Reese is getting older! I'm editing this on Sunday night and we all survived the first week. I might be imagining things but I think Reese is starting to notice people and especially other kids more--that's a good thing right!!


This is how Reese rolls. She eats books and dumps over everything. All the time!!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mom and baby!! NYE pics

We went to the outer banks of NC!!! It was so fun a we had great weather.

January so far

It's been busy!! We spent New Years Eve in the outer banks of North Carolina. It was a great trip, we shopped, ate fish tacos and played some tennis. I was very proud of us for setting up the pack n play so Reese could watch, usually I worry about things like this--the sun in her eyes, the wind too strong, a tennis ball hitting her in the head. Things like that. However, it went well and I loved playing so much the first day, we went back for more. I used to love love love playing tennis and I really need to make more time for it. Also, I couldn't believe how sore I was. Even though I am trying to run more, you don't realize the full body workout out you get from playing sports.
We drove home on the 1st and had the 2nd to get ready to go back to work. Work was busy all week and was a little hectic. We are also in the process of switching to a home daycare and saying goodbye to our nanny Anne. Reese is almost a year old and I kept telling Carl to cool his jets when it came to daycare and all the extra money for the nanny was worth it and we would deal with it when she was a year old. Well, that time has come and I'm shocked----my baby is almost a year old!!! WHATTTTTT!!! The home daycare seems great and I don't think we will have any problems but having the nanny is awesome. Reese loves her and gets undivided attention, I don't have to have any bags packed or drop her off anywhere--we are both a little spoiled but I think that's how it should be!
Good news, I should be getting my hours cut back a little bit in March!! Hooray!! From 40hrs/wk to 36hrs/wk!!! I think the extra time is going to make a big difference. I just have such limited time. We are either running errands or cleaning up the house. Boo, that's no fun. Reese is starting to take in her environment and that means trips to the park and the aquarium are a must! So, I hope things slow down a little in 2012--here's hoping!!