Wednesday, March 23, 2011

6 weeks

Hi all--
Reese turned 6 weeks old yesterday! She is much more alert during the day, she is smiling and making funny faces as well. She still eats every 2-3 hours during the day which is tiring but she is gaining lots of weight. She is 12.5lbs, yikes and she fits into 3 month clothes already. We tried putting her upstairs in her nursery at night and it didn't really fly. It took a while for her to fall asleep and going up the stairs 3 times in the night to feed her got to be a little much so we will try again at 8 weeks or when she starts sleeping for longer stretches. I am putting her down for naps up there and changing her diapers and feeding her so she gets used to it.
The biggest hurdle now is the diaper rash that won't go away. Her butt is so red and blistered. We have tried treating her for yeast, bacteria, breakdown. We have another doctors appointment tomorrow, this will be #3, I feel like I have to qualify that b/c if someone saw her butt and didn't know, I'm pretty sure CPS would be knocking on our door. I feel like she is going to get married with this diaper rash. Carl is actually taking her to the appointment because I have had my fill of doctor's offices and appointments. Not sure of they need to culture her butt or not but this is going on 5 weeks! Think good thoughts for us and her tush.

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