Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vow Renewal??

Hey guys--
I was watching The View today and they were talking about vow renewals. I think I would love to do this, if Carl wanted to of course. We could do it in the backyard and have a huge party afterwards. Then, we will finally have our first house party and celebrate our anniversary, all in one shot. Now, how do I bring this up to Carl???
He graduated from his MBA program this past weekend. It was a nice ceremony and his family came. It was good to see everyone and we had a very relaxing weekend. We hung around, grilled, I planted some more flowers!! (My veggies are coming in wonderfully)
Yesterday we had a bbq for some friends and neighbors and watched the Caps game. The next game is this Wednesday night, it will compete with Lost, but I think I have to pick the hockey game. This is last of 5 days off for me, back to work tomorrow for 3 days then off for the weekend. Hopefully, I can get some pool time this weekend, we have a cold front day. BOO.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


So, I have really been hitting up the garden centers at Home Depot, Lowe's and Walmart. I have planted 20 things, some vegetable and some flowers. Annuals, perennials, 2 palm trees, moving bushes around, everything. So, here are some pics. Those are petunia's in the hanging baskets and Carl installed the hooks yesterday after he finished his last paper for this semester. I also planted snap dragon's but they look a little fried. I have been watering as often as I can and fertilized them this morning. Then I planted perennials in the front and 2 small palms. Roses and peonies in the back. Dwarf hibiscus on the side, which might have to be replanted in pots, they won't tolerate cold this winter. 2 palms on either side of the garage. And a vegetable garden. I have pea and green bean sprouts and planted a cherry tomato plants. The dead bush is my project as well. I moved it from next to the screen porch, which is where Cooper would pee all over it. I think I can save it!!
We are also getting ready for Carl's graduation next weekend, his Mom, Dad and Jeff are all coming down. We are getting a queen size bed for the last guestroom so everyone will have a bed, no couches or air mattresses. The room might be pretty empty except the bed but oh well. Hopefully, this week we can get the boat fixed, it has a broken belt. It has been so nice and sunny, perfect boat weather that I can't stand missing.
That's about it down here. Thank gosh Carl is done with his MBA, he has one summer session in July and August so he will have two months off from school, even though he isn't done they are letting him walk for graduation since they only have one ceremony.
I can't wait to have him home, not at class or here doing homework!