Monday, March 28, 2011

Cloth diapers

We switched to cloth diapers on Friday. Good bye disposable, hello laundry. The good news is the cloth diapers are clearing up her diaper rash. I am beyond thrilled! Her butt is no longer red and blistered but pink and healing. I can't wait until it is all gone, I am hoping by the end of the week. It makes the extra laundry worth it, plus the colors are cute.
I got some from Craigslist as well. I bought 35 (yikes) from a woman on craigslist who owned a cloth diaper company and sold them online, she closed it and had to get rid of all her inventory. So, the ones I bought are for use during the day, the are thinner and only have one absorbent layer. I'm hoping the added numbers help cut down on laundry. The new ones aren't quite as bulky and make her outfits look a little cuter. The bulky pocket diapers for night are so thick they could stop a bullet.
Will keep you posted.

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