Sunday, January 25, 2015

The birthday party rounds

It's that time or year again, where every child we know gets a year older. Here was last weekend and this weekend. 

Blue apron meals

For Christmas Carl and I received the coolest gift from his mom. We got 4 weeks of food delivered to the house from blue apron meals. We have to prep and cook but all the food is fresh and yesterday's recipe was deelish and out of my norm. I don't cook much fish and we made cod steamed in banana leaves and rice with ginger and garlic. So yummy. Carl helped me cook and do some of the prep work which was awesome. We started cooking when Kate was asleep and Reese was watching a movie. She tried our fish but it was too spicy. Here are some pics of our culinary evening. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

After daddy's heart!

Carl loves putting the girls in his Redskins gear. Kate loves it too!! She was so happy running after her dad and sister in this get up!!

Reese's new dress

Reese received a belated Christmas gift in the mail yesterday. She loves her new Cinderella dress and did not want to take it off to sleep. I think this color blue is so pretty on her, it is her color!!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!!

We had a very relaxing New Years Eve, I worked during the day but was home early. We used the big easy to cook a roast and potatoes and it was so yummy. I love the big easy bc Carl can cook the majority of the dinner and we have hardly any dishes. After dinner the girls went down pretty easily and Carl and I sipped bubbly and watched lots of TV. I love all the year in review specials and watching the ball drop. I made silly phone calls to lots of my out of town friends and went to sleep 10 minutes into the new year!
The next day we took it easy and I took an afternoon nap when the girls were down for their nap (much needed). This weekend we have been staying in and hanging out with the girls, we went to the library and checked out books and movies, it has been pretty relaxing and I'm hoping we are ready to get back to work on Monday. When the girls are napping or watching a movie, I am trying to get this place cleaned up from Christmas and organized. Lots of boxes heading to goodwill with old toys and clothes. I also rearranged the china cabinet and am happy with the results. I used the January southern living for inspiration and stacked lots of china instead of just pulling out enough for place settings.  Hope you have a happy new year!! Lots of love