Thursday, March 31, 2011

7 weeks

Reese is 7 weeks and two days today. It has been good week, a little rainy so we are stuck in the house more, I miss the fresh air. We are still trying to take naps in her nursery so she can get used to it and she did sleep up there one night but that was short lived. The cloth diapers are making much more laundry but I am going to stick with it!
I have started taking pilates classes and it has been really nice to get out of the house in the evening and to work out. I was taking pilates last spring and loved it then switched to yoga when I was pregnant, so it was been really nice. Also, I am starting to feel like I have abs again. I couldn't even flex my abs the first 2 weeks they were so stretched out. I feel like I need to tell everyone in the class, I just had a baby, that's why I can't engage my core or bend like you. Then I tell myself, all in good time.
This weekend I am hosting a bridal shower at the house for Brandy and Erin is coming over tomorrow to help me get the house ready and prep the food. I am really excited, we are going to eat well and have a great time!!
Also, my neighbor Sarah is pregnant and came over Wednesday to hang out. Little Sydney will be here any day and if Sarah's water breaks during the week, I am driving her to the hospital, so exciting. I can't wait for Reese's playmate to arrive!

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