Saturday, January 31, 2009

Love Rach

Today is Jayne's barcrawl, I really wish I could be there to hear all the stories and remember her. I was scheduled to work and then they cancelled me anyway. I hope everyone has fun and remembers such a great person. The fall and winter is always a little harder and I find myself thinking of her more. Thankfully, Carl knew Jayne as well, so we will tell our stories tonight and will be thinking of Jayne and all you VA/Tri-Sig girls, be safe, miss you guys.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Rachel is a vegetarian???

I know, I know. After a couple months of trying to cut back on meat, I have decided to become a vegetarian!
Very exciting I know but a lot to take on. Right now, it is only meat. I am going to get used to no meat and find some basic meals I can make and then move onto no dairy. I am reading a book called "Skinny Bitch," pretty intense but it gets you thinking about everything you put into your body. So, I am also going organic, no point in eating veggies covered in pesticides.
I have fallen in love with Silk Soy Milk. I put it on my cereal now and it is super good to drink as well. Eventually, I will move to soy cheese and butter and mayo but all in good time.
So, that is where I am, pretty big news for me, especially living down here in the SC.
Wish me luck!

Friday, January 16, 2009


It is way too cold here. It is in the 40's, aaaaaa.
So, no power walk today. Guess I will do yoga by the fire. The fire is a must.
It's supposed to be super cold today/tonight. The record low is 17 degrees and they think we will break that. Bill Walsh, you're killing me.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

sick of being sick

Today was a much needed day off. I have been fighting a bug for about a week and am so tired of it. I power walked and I really hope that if I get back to my normal life, the bug will just go away.
And I had a very good day today. I met Carl for lunch a our fave soup place and I got Italian Wedding. I usually do not go for that soup, but there I love it. Then I cleaned the house and got an hour long facial. Wonderful, it was much needed and much deserved. I'm hoping the steam helps my cold.
The only downer was watching Harold and Kumar with Carl. That was movie was really stupid. The first one was ok, but this one no good. Don't waste your time.
Now I am going to play guitar hero with Carlton and I have another day off tomorrow. Work starts again this weekend.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

wasted weekend???

It was a gorgeous yesterday and today and I spent most of it in bed. Boo. I have been fighting a bug for a couple days now and I hate being sick. It was 71 degrees today in January--can you believe that. My goal for today has been to feel better and enjoy tomorrow. We'll see though.
Not too much else has been going on, I worked four days this week then Carl and I met the lawyer Friday and refinanced the house. We haven't even paid one mortgage payment yet. Carl took a half day, I slept on and off and watched Mama Mia, which made me want to be in high school again. We were just like those girls, we would sing and twirl around and giggle wherever we were, literally sing and dance. Looking back we were a little dorky but we had so much fun.
Last night we went out to eat, there was no cooking going on and on the way home Carl's tire blew out. He has needed new tires forever, like a year or so. It was right in front of a car dealership, so we limped in there. Carl and a salesman drove behind the store and fished 2 tires out of the trash and then one of the mechanics put it on for us for free. We tried to tip him and at first he wouldn't even take that, he cussed a lot but he was pretty nice, he even looked under the car for us and told us the bottom wasn't very rusted, good to know.
I hope I can put something super fun about tomorrow up, wish me luck!
And check out Carl's new blog somethingcarolina, he bought a new camera and is putting some up. So far he has no training, maybe when school is done he can take some classes but I think he is wonderful.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

happy life

Yesterday was a great day and if the rest of my new year is like this, I will be so happy. I went to a movie with some friends, we saw Benjamin Button and I really liked it. It makes you think about life and death. It makes me want to go to New Orleans, a place I have never been. Also, I loved the way it portrayed old people. It made them interesting, they remained people, they weren't cute. I hate it when movies make old people seem cute and silly.
After that, we had neighbors over and played guitar hero and cranium. I bought guitar hero on Friday and we are addicted. Carl is not into video games but was already playing this morning!! Last night was so fun, I love entertaining and woke up feeling pretty good today and hopeful for more of this in 2009.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year!

Well 2009 is here. I think I am ready to let go of 2008. Looking back I had a pretty good year. Number 1 we bought a new house and moved to West Ashley. We visited family and friends and had lots of friends visit us over the summer.
I read some really good books and worked my butt off at the hospital. I think this will also be the year I finally felt at home in Charleston. I met some great friends here and came out of my shell a little bit.
Resolutions??? Hum, I think I have a couple this year. I need to lose a little weight which mainly means working out more but this is constant resolution. Also, keeping in touch with friends better, which is never easy when friends are all over but I am going to try!
Last night we went to a friends house. Ther house was so nice, I feel inspired, she even made her own curtains! The food was awesome, they were great hosts. We counted down the New Year and I got a kiss from the best guy ever. Then we shot off fireworks in true SC style. Today we are going to over to a friends house to watch some bowl games and I think I might play a little guitar hero. Rock on!
Happy New Year everyone!!