Monday, December 29, 2014

Intent on her work

Kate loves to sit and color with her big sister!! Here she is adding to Reese's work! 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas before and after

Christmas Eve!

We had a relaxing Christmas Eve at home and then got all dolled up for church! After church we went to
Zen Asian fusion and grabbed some sushi. Sushi on Christmas Eve is my favorite and reminds of our days kn Washington DC. 
 After dinner we headed home and the girls got to open one Christmas present! The Kate went to bed and Reese helped me make cookies for Santa. 
After Reese went to sleep Carl and I were able to relax and get the house all ready for Christmas. Christmas was a whirlwind and the girls destroyed the house. But they were good girls all year and Santa brought them lots of fun toys and clothes. 
Christmas dinner was just for Carl and I, after the girls went to sleep I made scallops wrapped in bacon, crab cakes, risotto and sautéed spinach. So so yummy. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Half marathon

Carl and I ran a half marathon last Saturday in Kiawah island. I trained for a few months and had some foot and hamstring problems during the last few weeks but I finished!! The race was fun and there were bands every three miles or so. At the end there was a huge buffet, beer tent and a band so we were able to hang out for a bit before heading home.
My mom came into town last weekend to watch the girls during our race but she was also able to see Reese's Christmas play and have a relaxing weekend with warm weather! 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas decorations week one!

 On Saturday we went and bought our Christmas tree and started to put up our decorations. Reese loved pulling out all the ornaments and hanging them on the tree. Kate preferred running around the kitchen holding an ornament she stole when no one was watching her. So far Reese has broken one and Kate has broken one, can't believe Kate's total is so low! Reese also made two ornaments with her babysitter while Carl and I were at a Christmas party so those are also on the tree. 
This week has had some yucky weather so fit was been nice to stay home and  do cuddle and be by the tree.