Saturday, November 17, 2012


Our normal sitter couldn't watch kids for a week because her kitchen had a leak and the whole house became a construction zone. Not safe, not fun. So all the mom's got together to come up with a solution and on my day off, I had 4 kids under 3yrs old I was watching. It went pretty well but I was so sore the next day, lots of picking babies up!!


Here are some pics of us at our mommy group Halloween party. We al had to much fun, Reese was a little cooked at the end so we had to cut out early. The party was on a Sunday afternoon and that morning our little family drove to Beaufort and had a wonderful brunch. It was really awesome and Reese was so well behaved. By the time afternoon rolled around with no nap for the boo baby, we were on borrowed time.

Almost all the kiddos were there. Elizabeth was little red riding hood, Owen was clark kent, Sydney was a cat and Reese was a pumpkin.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fall pics

Our weekends have been so busy, we are trying to get to as many parks and do as many outings as we can. Reese loves being outside and after about 10 minutes she loves new places as well!