Monday, December 29, 2008

back home

Well, we just got back to Chucktown after a whirlwind trip. We saw all our parents, took a side trip to PA and went o Longwood Gardens, plus we went to the outlets and then saw friends. It was wonderful to see everyone but I am ready to relax.
I feel really lucky to have such great people in my life. They are all happy for my successes and I am for theirs. It makes life so much easier. We miss everyone back in VA and love the trips back to visit.
I also got some great gifts, ate wonderful food and had some wine with loved ones.
Thank you again to all of those of went out of their way to see us, it really does make the holiday special to spend it with friends and family. Here are some pics enjoy!

Friday, December 19, 2008


Well it is Friday, I was off yesterday and today so this was my weekend. Yesterday, I slept all day, I think a bug is going around, I am never sick. I was also exhausted. The patient I wrote about in the last blog passed away. He died 30 minutes before my shift started. I thought about him the whole night before since he was left in such bad shape in the ER and ended up reporting it. I hate reporting other nurses but this, I couldn't let go. It really drained me and I only got up to shower when Carl was coming home, then we ordered a pizza and I realized Pizzone's are really good.
Today, Carl had lunch at home, since we now live closer to work, which I love. It is in the 70's here and we had lunch on the back deck. Then I am off to get my car fixed, the check engine light is on. My check engine light is on at least 4 times a year and I get my oil changed regularly. Carl doesn't and his car never goes to the shop. Also, I always have flat tires and I have one now, so they need to patch that as well.
We have to get the car ready since we will be on the road for the holidays. I am excited about the trip and to see people but I think I am going to miss the house. See everyone soon.

Carl and I are going out to dinner tonight to sit on an outdoor patio and relax, we deserve it. He got his big proposal out last night, he put in 60 hour weeks to get it done. I'm proud of him, he works really hard.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Summerville Fault Line

There was on earthquake in Charleston today, I think around a 3 on the scale. Tons of knuckleheads were on the news and said it felt like a bus hit their house. I didn't feel it but some women at work did. It was also 70 degrees today, in December. So much crazy weather, we have floods, hurricanes, wind, heat, humidity, earthquakes, fog all the time.

Now I am watching one of the crazy weather movies on TBS and Carl is playing with Cooper.
I unpacked the junk room yesterday and now it is officially my workout room! hooray!

I had a very long day today and am off to bed, I couldn't sleep last night, not like me at all, work was very busy but I think I helped my patient and he is better off. Goodnight!

Monday, December 15, 2008

The house

Here are some pictures of the new house. We are coming along with the unpacking. We still have work to do upstairs and the garage is a mess. You can see we actually have grass now and a tree that lost all it's leaves. Plus little bushes and the front porch is decorated for Christmas. We did take it easy this year with decorating, sadly no tree, but since we will be gone for the holiday we figured it might be more stress that it's worth. There are more pics on my facebook page as well. I raked leaves a few days ago but it was too windy and they kept blowing out of the piles I put them in. Neither of us is used to a world of yardwork, so many changes!!

numero uno

this is my first post. i don' really get it, this is stressful.
I met Carl for lunch today with one of his coworkers. I got a hamburger with pineapple chutney and sweet potato fries. the food down here in the south is oh so good.
Also, i am in my fantasy football league championship game this weekend, wish me luck! should I start marcus colston?? I don't know.
I met my neighbor, she is young and is a nurse, i am super excited!! When I got my dorm assignment for college I was so happy, I thought this is my new best friend. Didn't work out that way, but I remain optimistic, maybe my new best friend is moving next door!
We have the whole upstairs filled with boxes I need to unpack and I have delayed long enough.