Thursday, April 14, 2011

9 weeks!

Sweet Reese turned 9 weeks on Tuesday! She went to the doctor the day before and got her shots. She did well but did cry, actually she turned purple, did the silent scream for about 10 seconds and then let it rip. The good news, she calmed down really quickly.
She has been smiling so much this week and when she is awake she is looking around and making noises. I like this much more than the wailing, which she was doing when she was awake. We've been playing with some of her toys as well. She will look at most of them, smile sometimes but still isn't reaching out for them.
I'm trying to get out and walk with the stroller because I have been very focused on red velvet cake. I bought a cake from the grocery store and today I should polish it off, I think my craving will finally be gone when I'm done. I'm also still doing Pilates and see a difference in my stomach and my lower back isn't hurting as much.
Lastly, I have been thinking about my return to work and it is making me very sad. I wish I could stay home. I thought I would be ready to go back or that I would miss my job. But I don't miss it at all, not even a little bit. It is going to be so hard to leave her for 12 hours, but I'm glad it is only twice a week.
I will try and get a picture or video of her smiling. She smiles often but they are so quick.

Friday, April 8, 2011

2 months today

Sweet Reese turns 2 months today! I can't believe it!
The week in review--
Last weekend I hosted a bridal shower at my house, it was a success, good food, wine and people. It was really nice to catch up with all my friends and have some non baby time. Sunday we slept in a little and got breakfast (I got chicken and waffles, my favorite). The rest of the day we relaxed and in the afternoon I went to a cloth diaper class at a fun maternity boutique. But I was well behaved and didn't spend any money!! When I got home Reese was a little fussy and Carl took his non baby break and apparently did a little birthday shopping for me! He brought home my favorite red velvet cupcake and some presents.
Monday morning I opened my gifts and Carl bought me the baby book I was lusting over for Reese and some wooden letters to decorate her room. That day I got lunch at an amazing restaurant close to the house called the Tomato Shed. It is all local and a nearby farm supplies most of the food, it was to die for! Then I ran some errands, went to Pilates class and brought home sushi!
The rest of the week went well, Reese is getting more and more alert and starting to notice things around her. On her car seat I hung little stuffed animals that rattle and she stares at them when we are in the car. Wednesday I caved and went shopping. There is an amazing consignment store in Mt. Pleasant and I had to check it out. Once I was there I had to buy her some dresses and 3 bathing suits. I think I am going to hit up consignment stores more often. The prices were great and after she wears an outfit once it is used, why not get it there! I was in heaven but didn't get any shoes or hair bows or hats, I tried to keep it within reason. I might not be able to head back until I go back to work and start bringing in a paycheck!
Thursday a neighbor watched Reese so I could go to Pilates and it was the first time we had left with her someone who wasn't family. All went well and I even got to eat lunch when I got home since Reese was still asleep in Donna's arms! Yesterday Lee arrived for a visit to meet his granddaughter and will be here until Sunday.
So, things are good here, Reese is cute cute cute and the weather is wonderful!