Wednesday, June 22, 2011


My new obsession is couponing. I have jumped in feet first and so far have spent $58 in 4 different trips and have saved $90!!
That is so much money! I am trying to pace myself so I don't burn out b/c at first it is like a second job! I went to Harris Teeter today and spent $28--my bill was originally $65 so I took a picture of my savings! (just like the coupon obsessed bloggers do!!)

Friday, June 17, 2011

4 years

Yesterday was our 4 year wedding anniversary. I packed us a picnic and we headed down to Folly Beach to celebrate! Super yummy food and champagne, great views and of course my lovey dovey and sweet baby!
On Tuesday Erin came over to watch Reese and we went downtown to Husk for an amazing dinner. I was amazed by the wine list, they have the wine separated by the type of soil the wine was grown in--say what?!? It took me forever to figure out what to order but I got a super buttery Chardonnay from Oregon. It was almost too buttery for me, never thought that could happen!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chubby baby

Rolling over

Reese rolled over 5 times in one day and has never done it since. At least I have a play by play!

Trying rice cereal and 2 others

Monday, June 13, 2011

4 months

I haven't posted in soooo long! Things here is Charleston with little Reesey poo poo are going well. She just turned 4 months old last week and has been smiling and laughing all the time. She is napping well during the day, she only naps in the swing but oh well, it really puts her out! She is sleeping great at night but I won't go into any details for fear of jinxing it!
I made my return back to work and it has gone well. Of course, I would much rather be home with her but working only 2 days a week is bearable. Everyone at work has been really good about covering for me when I go pump since I have to do that 3 times during my shift. They don't even say anything when I take off during visiting hours!! HA HA!
Reese is starting to notice everything around her and really likes to sit in her bumbo and look around the room. The dogs come up and lick her toes, it's super cute.
Carl and I are going to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary this week, it's amazing how much we have done in 4 years and how much we have been through in our 8 years together! He is amazing and I am so lucky to have him.
Other than that I am trying to get out and go for runs to work off some baby weight and for stress relief. And I see some moms in the area for playdates and dinners out.
I was just visiting friends and family last week and am so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life. I have been reflecting on all of that the past few days and I am so happy to have the life I do. I have daily stresses, some big and some small but with the people in my life I can get through anything. I do rely on my friends and family so much and I hope I give them the same support back. Love you all
I also want to take this minute to thank white wine, you taste good and I enjoy a cool glass of you in this warm weather.