Saturday, January 10, 2009

wasted weekend???

It was a gorgeous yesterday and today and I spent most of it in bed. Boo. I have been fighting a bug for a couple days now and I hate being sick. It was 71 degrees today in January--can you believe that. My goal for today has been to feel better and enjoy tomorrow. We'll see though.
Not too much else has been going on, I worked four days this week then Carl and I met the lawyer Friday and refinanced the house. We haven't even paid one mortgage payment yet. Carl took a half day, I slept on and off and watched Mama Mia, which made me want to be in high school again. We were just like those girls, we would sing and twirl around and giggle wherever we were, literally sing and dance. Looking back we were a little dorky but we had so much fun.
Last night we went out to eat, there was no cooking going on and on the way home Carl's tire blew out. He has needed new tires forever, like a year or so. It was right in front of a car dealership, so we limped in there. Carl and a salesman drove behind the store and fished 2 tires out of the trash and then one of the mechanics put it on for us for free. We tried to tip him and at first he wouldn't even take that, he cussed a lot but he was pretty nice, he even looked under the car for us and told us the bottom wasn't very rusted, good to know.
I hope I can put something super fun about tomorrow up, wish me luck!
And check out Carl's new blog somethingcarolina, he bought a new camera and is putting some up. So far he has no training, maybe when school is done he can take some classes but I think he is wonderful.

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  1. i hope you feel better! 71 degrees - wow! It has been an average of 30 degrees here! :(