Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year!

Well 2009 is here. I think I am ready to let go of 2008. Looking back I had a pretty good year. Number 1 we bought a new house and moved to West Ashley. We visited family and friends and had lots of friends visit us over the summer.
I read some really good books and worked my butt off at the hospital. I think this will also be the year I finally felt at home in Charleston. I met some great friends here and came out of my shell a little bit.
Resolutions??? Hum, I think I have a couple this year. I need to lose a little weight which mainly means working out more but this is constant resolution. Also, keeping in touch with friends better, which is never easy when friends are all over but I am going to try!
Last night we went to a friends house. Ther house was so nice, I feel inspired, she even made her own curtains! The food was awesome, they were great hosts. We counted down the New Year and I got a kiss from the best guy ever. Then we shot off fireworks in true SC style. Today we are going to over to a friends house to watch some bowl games and I think I might play a little guitar hero. Rock on!
Happy New Year everyone!!

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