Tuesday, February 1, 2011

37 weeks

Well, now we are a little over 37 weeks and just started the month in which the baby is due! We are both super excited. We have almost everything we "need" and are reading books on newborn care and breastfeeding. It occurred to me last night that Carl and I have no idea how to take care of a baby and we are going to be bringing one home. I know everyone says you learn on the job but it's starting to sink in-we don't know what we are doing at all!!!
This weekend we took it easy and did a little organizing around the house. We had a new dog park open in the neighborhood and within walking distance, so we went there 3 times and so far the dogs love it. Gibbs didn't run around as much as we liked but for most of the time they were the only 2 dogs, he mostly sniffed around. When another dog was there, he was much more interested in play. Here is a pic of the dog park!

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