Monday, February 28, 2011


This weekend flew by. We had Charlie, Michelle and 2 year old Brock over for a visit on Saturday morning, and actually got some use out of the playroom. Brock really liked the mats on the floor you can take apart and put back together and kept busy with those. I was patting myself on the back for finding them so cheap!
That afternoon we took a long walk using the BOB stroller and saw all the new houses they are putting up in the neighborhood. The weather was amazing and there were lots of people out. I saw 2 ladies from my book club who got to meet Reese and of course, said she was beautiful!
That night we grilled out and had Matt and Krystal over. The live across the street and are moving to Annapolis next week, which makes me super sad. They are renting the place to someone for three years so I am hoping they'll come back! They are great people and great neighbors, I'm really sad to see them leave.
Reese did not sleep well Saturday night so we were pretty tired Sunday but I wasn't able to nap. We took a quick trip to Kiawah island and had lunch at Bohicket Marina. We sat outside since the weather was so nice and Reese did really well. She woke up a little but didn't cry, and we just rocked her car seat until she fell back to sleep.
As soon as we got home I had to get ready for Erin's bridal shower at Voodoo. The restaurant is loungy and a great place for a shower. The food was awesome and it was nice to have a skinny girl pina colada. I was sad to leave Reese, it was my first time away from her but she did really well with the bottle and the restaurant was close to the house. I think it's important to keep up my friendships and especially with those that don't have kids.

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