Friday, January 21, 2011

4 weeks to go

Hi all!!

Countdown is about 4 weeks! We are getting pretty excited. Carl's work had a baby shower for us on Thursday and served one of most favorite cravings, pizza! It was really nice for all of his coworkers to plan it and they gave us some really great gifts!
I realized at the shower that Carl is a little clueless when it comes to babies. We were given diapers and wipes and when we were pulling them out of the gift bag, Carl had no idea what the wipes were. There were lots of moments like that during the shower. He was also really stumped when it came to some of the toys. He would say, "oh thanks you for the........ring things."
This weekend should be fun though, I think we going to do lots of baby shopping and get the playroom ready. Will keep everyone posted, can't wait for our baby to get here!!

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