Monday, March 22, 2010


I have had great month! I am training for a 10K with Brandy, a friend from work. We just went and ran this morning and it was great to get the workout behind us. I am still losing weight but it has slowed down a little bit. I am hoping to get the last 5lbs off! I've started buying new workout clothes, which is the best part of working out and have discovered a company from Canada, Lululemon. Oh my gosh. Best workout pants. I have a pair of training pants that have mesh on the legs, perfect for running around Charleston in the spring. And they have a great sale section, since they run kinda steep and free shipping!
I was introduced to Lululemon when Gabby came for a visit at the beginning of the month. It doesn't seem like that long ago!
She came in on Friday and we went to a food and wine festival. We had great weather and ate and drank a little too much. But hey, it is a festival! The next couple days we just hung out, did a little shopping, eating, worked out! It was great to have her here and I was really happy to be the one to introduce Gabby to Twilight and Edward Cullen!
Other that that we celebrated St. Patty's day. We went to a block party on the 13th and then went out on the 17th. It was a great two days with friends and we got rained on both times, just like in Ireland!
Hope everything is great with you. I will def. post pictures of us after the run!

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