Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bridge Run 2010

I am really happy to report that today I did my first 10K and I survived! I ran the Cooper River Bridge Run with some friends and only decided to do it about 3 weeks ago. It was super cold this morning, did not feel like April in Charleston, more like December! I had on lots of layers and a cute 10K t-shirt I bought at Nike. Brandy and I ran it in 1 hour 15 minutes. Not bad for our first time and the crowd of 40,000 people slows you down a little bit too. I have learned some things for next year though.
1. Don't carbo load at Olive Garden, too much salt and you wake up feeling like a prune, have a potluck with people you run with.
2. If you're a nurse, give yourself an IV the day before to hydrate, who can drink that much water?
3. Put on powder and a little bronzer, you will be glad when you see the pics.
4. Don't underestimate the importance of a good mix, I couldn't get my mix onto my iphone and had to use Pandora, and barely had service. The song "Blue" from circa 2001 came on after a long music blackout and I actually listened to it. Not cool.
I also saw a grown man urinating off the bridge. How rude.
All in all, it was really fun and we celebrated with bloody mary's and oysters at Pearlz Oyster Bar. (Only in Charleston, would an after race meal consist of oysters!!)

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  1. This post has been edited! I wrote we ran in it 115 minutes, not true!
    Really was in one hour and fifteen minutes