Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lots of photos of me wearing a green sweatshirt!

Here are some pics from this month!
Brewvival, a craft beerfest that Carl was all about. People were walking around with pretzels and bread around their neck!
Gabby's visit, sadly, we didn't take any pics except some of Gabby and Gibbs on the sofa. We vegged for 2 days straight. We did work out a little but the visit centered around food and fun. And by food I mean cheese and wine.
Then St. Patty's Day at Park Circle with great friends. We ended up on Daniel Island and over-served ourselves. But, I'm Irish, what can I tell you!?!
Lastly, here is a pic of me today with blonder hair after a 12 mile bike ride, roundtrip for pizza!

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