Thursday, February 25, 2010


The weather has been chilly down here in Charleston! We moved down here to escape snow and bitter wind chills. I went to an oyster roast with some friends at the end of January. It started out way too cold but the temperature picked up and it actually was pretty pleasant, just muddy. So, muddy my car got stuck, after I freaked out a little, we put it in snow mode and pushed it right out. It was really only stuck for about 10 seconds!
The next weekend we had a super bowl party and had a great turnout, it was really fun and the Saints won, so I was happy! I got to catch up with some friends and neighbors we hadn't seen in a while.
Then, Valentine's Day was upon us, Carl was out of town and I worked but it snowed that Friday. I was really nervous driving over all the bridges in case they froze, but it wasn't too bad. The best friend and coworker anyone could have, Erin Brister, drove me in on Saturday and we only hit one touchy spot. The drive was gorgeous with all the snow on the trees and the snow banks on the rivers!
Here are some pics of the oyster roast and the snow. Erin Brister is pictured at the oyster roast!!

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