Sunday, January 17, 2010


I can't believe the weekend is almost over. I worked on Friday then went to dinner with some friends. Work was busy the past couple days and I picked up overtime so it was nice to unwind. Lauren was in town so we all met her at 5 Loaves, really yummy food, I have never had anything bad! Lauren moved to Columbia this month to start anesthesia school, so she stays pretty busy, it was really fun to catch up with everyone. They all headed out to a bar afterwards but I went home, Carl had just gotten back into town from a business trip, so I gave him my leftovers and we turned in early.
Carl and I had a pretty good weekend, it was really rainy on Saturday but we went out and met some friends for the playoff games. Sunday was gorgeous and we got tons of errands done. On Tuesday we ended up buying a Toyota Highlander and I love it, love it, love it. All the extra space the Highlander has as opposed to my old car made errands much easier. I got to show it off to my friends on Friday but I posted some pics. We also organized the office on Saturday and moved tons of furniture so, here are some updates pics of the house.
Now, I am going to get ready for the work week. I just did a yoga video so I feel calm and relaxed and am going to enjoy the rest of my Sunday night. I think it will involve the Golden Globes and popcorn.

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