Saturday, January 16, 2010

Maui trip

Ok, I am going to attempt to post on our trip to Hawaii in December! I hope I can remember everything. We went to Maui for Robyn's wedding December 4-10. Robyn and I went to UVA together and worked at Smoothie King! (Side note, in the Dallas airport Carl and I saw a Smoothie King, perfect!)
Carl and I left from Charlotte NC, we stayed with Brooke and Mike the night before and got up at 2:30 am to park the car and make our flight. The flight was long but tolerable and we arrived in Maui around 4:30 in the afternoon. There was a little rain and a light haze but still gorgeous! The vegetation and all the plants were amazing. We checked into our hotel and headed to the PrePlatt party and met up with Robyn. We crashed pretty early that night.
The next morning we went to an amazing breakfast place Kihei Cafe, the guy behind the counter had on a USC hat (Carolina not Cali) which was a fun coincidence, turns out he used to live in Charleston and before that DC. Carl figured that meant we would be moving to Maui as well. After breakfast we spent the day on the beach then got ready for Robyn's wedding. Her wedding was gorgeous! She looked beautiful. The ceremony was outside with an amazing view of the ocean and the weather was perfect. They wrote their on vows and they did a great job. Their reception was at the Four Seasons at Spago, it's Wolfgang Puck's restaurant and the food was amazing. It was such a great wedding!
The next morning we woke up pretty early and watched the Redskins/Saints game, the skins lost. Then took a trip to the lava fields. The lava rocks looked sandy and porous but they were so hard and some crazy woman was sitting out sunbathing, it was weird. That night Carl and I drove into West Maui for dinner and saw an amazing sunset.
Monday, we drove the road to Hana. It is about 45 miles but takes hours, because the road is so narrow and one lane it makes you drive slow. We saw waterfalls, a bamboo forest and amazing views. This took all day and we were pretty exhausted by the end of the day. The last stretch of the road is unpaved for about 20 miles, the rental car agreement tells you not to drive that route and to turn around but we kept going! The guidebook told us it wasn't that bad and if you turn around you miss more great views and it takes longer to get back. The guidebook lied about the road, there were huge holes and rocks and it was really uneven. We ended up breaking a part of the car in the front but we turned it in and the rental company didn't notice!! Hope a Hertz rep doesn't read my blog!
Tuesday and Wednesday we stayed close to the hotel. We went to Big Beach, I got a massage, we got in some pool time. It was so relaxing! As soon as we arrived I felt my stress fade.
Thursday was our last day and we got lunch in a little town known for colorful locals and in our first 5 minutes there Carl hit another car! We were parking in front of the restaurant and the car belonged to the cook! But it was just a love tap, no damage done. We heard such good things about the pizza we decided to stay and even though the first 5 minutes were a little uncomfortable, the food was amazing. After that we walked around, did a little shopping and got gelato. Homemade pineapple gelato in Hawaii is just as good as it sounds.
The town we were in (can't remember the name) is known for it's windsurfing and while we were in Hawaii, huge waves were coming in all week, it was known as Jaws. We went to a great lookout area and saw so many surfers, they looked like the guys from TV.
We left that night, our plane was delayed but better on the way home than the way there. If anyone wants to go to Hawaii and needs advise let me know, there is still so much I didn't include in the post!
Here are some beautiful pics!

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