Sunday, January 10, 2010


Carl and I had a whirlwind holiday season! We stayed home for Thanksgiving and had family down--Carol, Jeff and my Dad. It was smaller this year then in years past but was still fun. I had some friends from work over for dinner as well and some stopped by afterwards! We did fry the turkey this year but some parts came out a little pink, so I put them in the oven to cook them a little more and forgot about them for 2 hours or so, they were like leather and had to be tossed out. So, not too much leftover turkey. It was nice weather, so on Friday some people went downtown for lunch and my Dad and I went car shopping. I test drove a couple cars but nothing was the right fit. For fun, we test drove the Lexus 350, it was really nice but too expensive and a little too fancy. I can't imagine putting Cooper and Gibbs in the backseat of a car that nice!
My Dad left Saturday, I worked for 6 hours, then came home and we had lunch and watched UVA get killed by VT. The rest of the night we played pool and hung out. Then, everyone else left the next day and Carl and I put the house back in order!
A few days after that we left for our trip to Hawaii, I will post more on that!
Then back home for a week of work and then Christmas! We packed up the dogs and headed up to VA at 3am. We spent Christmas day with my parents and Carl drove up to NOVA that night.
The next day Mom and I had breakfast at the best bagel place ever (Bodo's, I got an everything bagel with bacon, egg and cheese) and Dad drove me to meet Carl. That night we went to a party at Ryan and Danielle's and got to see their new place, wish Ryan happy 30th and catch up with everyone in town.
Sunday, we had a birthday brunch with Carl's Mom and it was really tasty! It's a french place, Mon Ami Gabe and the bread was awesome! Then we headed to the Redskins game with Nate and Jess! The Redskins were playing Dallas, and lost. It was freezing cold! So we didn't stay the whole time but it was fun to finally check out our seats, since we have season tickets and only made it to the last game. I was playing my Dad in fantasy football for the championship and he had Miles Austin and Jason Whitten, so I had to watch the Skins and my fantasy team get beaten live, in the cold.
The next morning we met Grandma for breakfast and got on the road, traffic was awful, probably the worst it has ever been on one of our trips. We also met Beth and her Mom for lunch in Richmond and it took an extra 2 hours to get down there. We didn't get back to Charleston until late and crashed.
After that I had a couple days off to get life back in order. We almost bought a Honda pilot, but the deal fell through. We are still car shopping and I think it is pure torture!
I worked New Years Eve and New Years Day and didn't watch the ball drop, it was a rude awakening and I felt old.
We have had a couple more changes but I will have to post that later. Hope you had a great holiday! I am really excited for 2010!!

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