Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sick week

Last week there were viruses galore plaguing our house! Reese came down with a cold Monday night and I came down with a GI bug. Not so fun b/c I was also on call for work and got called at 2am. So, I came home crashed and stayed home from work the next day. I was way too sick/dehydrated/tired to take care of Reese so Carl had to come home from work early and take Reese to the doctor. Turns out it was just a cold and Reese and I spent the whole day in bed napping while Carl took conference calls.
This was the first time Reese has ever slept with me. If I try to nap with her, she wants no part in it. She wants to play, climb me, climb the bed, eat the, even though I felt awful and knew she felt worse I loved snuggling with her. On a side note, I tried to nap with her yesterday and she crawled all over me and wouldn't fall asleep. The cold lasted all week and she felt pretty awful for the majority of it. Every very night she had a fever, the stuffy nose is almost gone but the cough is lingering. And of course, it worse at night when she needs to sleep. January has been a rough month for some of the people around us and I have found it stressful with the day care switch and Reese being sick. On the horizon though is her birthday party which I am starting to plan and yesterday we had good weather and finally got out of the house. I'll post on that soon. So, hopefully better days are ahead.

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