Thursday, January 13, 2011

5 weeks to go!

Hard to believe we have 5 weeks to go! I had a doctors appointment today and asked the midwife to give a guess about the baby's weight. Drumroll......6 to 6.5lbs! Yikes, that means this little one might be over 8lbs by the time she makes her appearance. This makes me happy--I'll have a chubby baby but scares me a little because she currently lives inside me and needs to come out.
When I was at the doctors they thought her heart rate was slowing down and hooked me up to an external monitor for about 30 minutes but all was well. I was trying to stay calm the whole time and not stare at the monitor but it's hard. When I'm at work, I tell family members to ignore the monitor, relax, the nurse will take care of it. And there I was, fixated.
After I left the doctor I did have to run to Target to pick up a few things for her and to blow off some steam. I find buying baby things to be super relaxing and it brings me lots of joy! I bought baby leg warmers and jeggings! Yay, Mom might be too old and plump for jeggings but they sound just right for baby.
Hope it isn't too cold where you are, the sun is finally out today in Charleston but still chilly!

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