Sunday, February 15, 2015

February so far

Wow!! February is flying by, last weekend was Reese's birthday and it was so so fun. Reese wanted a cowgirl party so she wore her pink cowboy boots and I got her a tiara/cowboy hat (perfect this princess obsessed little girl). I also set out a hay bale with cute fake horses around it for photo ops! Everyone had a blast, there was tons of food and the jump castle was up. Reese was all over the house with her friends, 4 year olds are full of energy and hard to keep up with!!! One minute they were outside the next in her bedroom all the way upstairs. After some of the guests took off, we did a fire pit and all the adults sat around outside and had a beer while the little ones gorged on a veggie tray and watched Snow White in the family room.
The next day the weather was amazing so we played outside and had a picnic, Reese loves outside picnics and said that was her favorite part of the day
This work week flew by and then it was the weekend all over again. Yesterday Magnolia Gardens had a valentine/chocolate walk and we spent about 2 hours there. The girls were covered in melted chocolate when we left but they had an amazing time. Carl got me a beautiful weekend bag for Valentines Day, it was one I have had on amazon wish list forever so I was really surprised! Then I made dinner and let him sleep in this morning.
Next weekend we have more birthdays and then the weekend after I am heading to Raleigh for a girls weekend and some shopping!!

Here is a link to the bag, it is beautiful and this company also makes collapsable luggage I have been pining after.

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