Sunday, February 15, 2015

Blue apron

So, I wrote a post on Blue Apron meals a few weeks ago, it was an amazing generous gift from my mother in law. The gift was for 4 weeks and we are on week 4, so my final thoughts are..... If you have no kids-this is amazing!! Most of the meals were not kid friendly but for us, we just put the girls to bed and then cooked our dinner. Usually, we do family dinners but on evenings I didn't get out of hospital early to make it home this option was great. Carl was even able to make some of the meals without my help and he has very very limited kitchen experience. I do think this could be beneficial to people with kids as well because it was really out of the box recipes but they were all delicious. We cooked with cod, farekah (a grain of some sort??), homemade ramen noodles, miso paste, rainbow chard, fennel and on and on--things I never buy and cook myself. So it did open my eyes up to trying more foods and reminded me how fresh veggies can be incorporated into winter dishes. I think it is expensive so, be good all year and ask Santa.

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