Monday, May 14, 2012

Another bug bite

Reese was bitten by a mystery bug Monday and her eye was completely swollen shut Tuesday morning. Finding her like that in the morning was pretty scary. We started antibiotics and by Friday her eye was so much better.

It would have made sense to have the pics posted in chronological order and I did that but it didn't translate to the post. Beats me. The first pic is by far the worst and was taken Wednesday morning. The 2nd pic is how I found her Tuesday morning, prompting me to call the doctor asap. The 3rd pic was Friday (on the mend) and the last pic was Thursday, the swelling was really going down but its still awful. You can see the bug bite in the 3rd pic, off to the side of her face. Poor baby. She wasn't really bothered by it and would play and laugh and clap which made my heart break and made her look even more pitiful. (See last pic, happy baby enjoying mango).

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