Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back to work

I had my first weekend back at work and it went surprisingly well. I was supposed to go back Mothers day weekend but the census was low and I was called off both days. Turned out as a blessing. Reese was getting up to eat around 3 or 4am then and it would have been hard to work 12 hours after that. So, I had a really nice first mothers day. Very relaxing and got some nice gifts from CJ and sweet Reese!
I was home all week and it was awesome! We had a baby playdate, went for some nice walks and I got out of the house for a dinner with friends. Technically, it was through work, payed for by a drug rep but my friends were there so it counts! The dinner was at Cypress and the food was amazing and free!!
Then it was back to work. Saturday was really hard. I cried in the house, the driveway and the whole ride there. I teared up for the first 30 minutes and then dove right in. I called often to check on everyone and found out Carl had everything under control. They came to see me at work around 2 and I even got the feed Reese when she was there. I was very nervous about getting away to pump b/c continuing to breastfeed is really important to me but it wasn't too bad. All my coworkers were very supportive and let me take my pump breaks whenever I needed to.
Saturday was a little busy but I think it's because I was rusty and needed to get into the swing of things. I got home and Reese was still up so I could feed her and put her to bed. The next day was much easier, they didn't even need to make a trip to the hospital to see Mommy. It did help knowing Sunday was it and I would be home with her for 5 days and that she was with her Daddy and he was doing such a good job taking care of her.
Yesterday I caught up on sleep, Reese and I took a long walk and then we all went and got dinner. Last night I also went for a run. I am getting back into running and have been feeling really great. I am going to do exactly what I did last time and work my way up to running 3 miles and then do a 5K to boost my ego! Today I went to my BIB meeting (breastfeeding support group, BIB=breastfeeding is best) and then all of us grabbed lunch at Glass Onion. Super yummy! Reese and I came home, did laundry and she is currently napping. Tonight is book club and I am so excited to start the next book, it's the Ashley Judd biography!! Who doesn't love the Judds!
Tomorrow we are heading into Mt. P to accompany our new friends Sarah(mom) and Elizabeth (baby) to do some shopping. Reese and I don't need anything so we will be spectators and cheer on all Sarah's purchases. Also, I am going to consign Reese's bassinet. Then another dinner with coworkers at Peninsula Grill, yummy!

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