Tuesday, October 12, 2010

21 week ultrasound

Well-it is officially a girl! We had out 21 week ultrasound today and everything checked out. I'm going to post of some pics of our little girl. She was pretty active at the beginning and then chilled out towards the end. She was lying with her legs up above her head for most of it and she had she arms up over her head. Which is how I lay out by the pool, so at least we know she is comfortable and relaxed in there.
I worked on our registry for a bit as well, adding things and taking things off. Also, looked at adorable clothes. Rufflebutts.com is my new obsession. They are ruffled bloomers to cover diapers and are the cutest things ever! I might have to order something for our little girl!
So, it has been a big baby day here. Can't wait to get the crib and dresser soon and pick a paint color. If you see Carl on the street try and talk him into pink!

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