Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Summerville Fault Line

There was on earthquake in Charleston today, I think around a 3 on the scale. Tons of knuckleheads were on the news and said it felt like a bus hit their house. I didn't feel it but some women at work did. It was also 70 degrees today, in December. So much crazy weather, we have floods, hurricanes, wind, heat, humidity, earthquakes, fog all the time.

Now I am watching one of the crazy weather movies on TBS and Carl is playing with Cooper.
I unpacked the junk room yesterday and now it is officially my workout room! hooray!

I had a very long day today and am off to bed, I couldn't sleep last night, not like me at all, work was very busy but I think I helped my patient and he is better off. Goodnight!

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