Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Last weekend we went to 2 different festivals. Charleston is full of festivals in the late winter and spring. We went to the flower town festival in Summerville SC. It was so so so crowded but fun and prefect weather. I ate the whole time! Carl spotted red velvet funnel cake and that was the highlight. It was delicious, but don't worry I shared it with a friend and when Reese got a few bites.
The next day we went to Cajun fest and there was awesome food here as well. We brought chairs and listened to music. Reese danced for a bit as well. The weather was perfect and Carl and I got a little sun.
I forgot to write about our Friday night. Carl was nominated for an award at work and he won!! I knew he would the whole time, I had no doubt. But the awards dinner was downtown and we got a sitter and had a great time.
This past weekend we took it pretty easy and went to parks and had a play date. It was really fun and we are slowly getting ready for baby Kate's arrival. Reese will even pay my belly and say hello baby sister.

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