Thursday, August 9, 2012

Running inspiration!!

Would anyone like to inspire me to start running again?? My hubby is out running right now. 4 miles. I am thinking about the peanut butter cup ice cream in the freezer. I haven't gotten any yet but really--peanut butter cup!!!! Feel free to run by house with cute running shoes or leave comments or tell me about how muscular your legs are. Oh I know!! A good workout song--yes that's it, that's what I need, a new workout mix!

1 comment:

  1. i find nothing is more motivating than signing up for a a 1/2 marathon. you have no choice but to train or risk humiliation.

    then tell a lot of people your plans - so you feel guilty if you are not doing it. i don't want to look like a failure, so i'm forced to complete it.

    also - check local running stores to see if they have fun run groups. bill and i do one 1x/month at road runner sports. we bring bryce too - we think he likes it :) (though i make bill push him!)