Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March is here!!

I can't believe March is here!! This week is my last 40hr week of work, hooray!! Next week I work one day and then my Mom is here for 6 days! I can't wait. We are going to tidy up and freshen up Reese's playroom, go see the Azaleas in Summerville, attend a block party on St. Pattys day and have fun!!
Also, we are in the process of getting our whole yard landscaped. It was a disaster before, I basically should be paying my neighbor's mortgage since they were forced to view the sinkhole in my backyard. Now it is all grass, and all the dead grass (killed by a fungus!!) was replaced. Also, they moved around plants and putting in a deck and a fence! It feels so grown up to be dropping such a terrifying amount of money on landscaping. It's a also scary and a little sad to be spending so much money on dirt and grass. Yes, we had to BUY dirt (to fill the sink hole). But when all is said and done and we are enjoying the backyard I know it will be worth it.

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