Sunday, September 25, 2011


Fall is here! Hooray!
This weekend has flown by as has every weekend since starting my new job. I am super happy I made the switch, but it is more hours away from the house which means less is getting done during the week. Most notably, errands and the gym. I think I am going to sign up for a 5K so I will get back into the swing of working out. I'm so tired but I know it is good for me and will give me more energy (blah. blah, blah). Really, I don't want to work out because all the new fall shows are on TV. There I said it.
Reesey poo got sick this weekend, which was super sad. She had a fever most of Friday and Saturday and then Saturday started vomiting. So, after calling the on call doctor both days we decided to take her in. They think it was just a stomach virus and I am happy to report Reese has kept everything down today and hasn't had a fever since yesterday. It was totally traumatic seeing her sick and getting an xray of her belly (they restrained her tiny arms above her head, awful) but all the staff said what a good baby she was. She was still trying to be happy and smiled often but was tired and quiet, it broke my heart. She is an amazing baby and got lots of snuggle time yesterday and today. I want to wake her up right now and give her a hug but I won't.
Other than that, I bought a new vacuum to help pick up more dog hair and I can't wait for it to get here. I am going to vacuum with my old one, then the new one to see if it does a better job. Sadly, I'm not kidding, I am really excited--it shipped today!!!

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