Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer 2011

Hi all!

We are in the midst of summer in Charleston. So far the heat isn't too unbearable but I do stay inside in the afternoon. We haven't been to the pool yet, I don't want to expose Reese to too much sun but I have 4 bathing suits for her and really need to get some use of out them while they still fit.
The summer, like the spring has flown by. I can't believe we are already past 4th of July. We took our first family road trip last week. Reese did so well in the car, it was great. We drove to Northern Virginia and stayed the night and then finished the drive to Philly for a wedding the next day. The first leg of the trip takes about 8 hours, but with Reese stops and traffic it took about 9.5 and she was so well behaved. Thankfully, she slept for most of it. The trip to Philly was shorter and my Mom was with us and sat in the backseat and played with Reese. We all checked into the hotel in Philly and decompressed. The first night was the rehearsal dinner for Carl and I and Mom watched Reese in the hotel and put her to bed. It felt really weird going to bed and not seeing my babe. I walked by their hotel room and put my ear to the door and didn't hear anything but didn't want to knock or call for fear of waking her up.
The dinner was great and it was so fun seeing everyone, I was looking forward to some adult time! The next day Mom and I walked around the city but it was so crowded and hot we ended up in Macys! Oh well, Reese got some cute new clothes out of the whole deal.
The wedding was lovely and was in a beautiful old church. I really enjoyed the priest's homily and actually payed attention! The reception was awesome with so so so much food. I was really happy I had my jelly-roll control top undies on. They had an awesome band, so there was great dancing. Carl was even inspired and came out to the dance floor for some fast songs, this never happens! His moves were pretty good but he had such a silly face that I thought he was joking around. I asked him-"Are you serious right now?" This did not help his confidence so, I don't think I'll see him dancing again anytime soon.
The next morning we all went to a breakfast for the bride and groom and Reese got to meet lots more people. Nicole had her little boy Aiden there and in one pic Reese is crying and he reached over and held her hand, so sweet, it makes my heart melt. I'll post a pic of that soon. I look awful in the picture we have and am trying to track down a more reasonable shot.
I met some friends for dinner that night back in NOVA and the next day we celebrated 4th of July with the family. All the grandparents came over and Carl's brother Jeff and Grandma Anne. It was so fun, we took out Carol's boat and ate lots of good food. Reese was really well behaved, she was very anti-nap though. We finally had to put her in the car and drive around the block to get her to sleep. She was having way too much fun to nap.
The next few weeks should be quiet, then my Mom and Sher come for a visit. Hope all is well with everyone and stay out of the heat, dust storms, forest fires or whatever else crazy weather is hitting you.

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