Friday, October 2, 2009

House painting

Here are some of our new paint colors. Kind of hard to see some of them, we did the brown in the downstairs and up the stairs. The yellow is the master bedroom and the light blue is the master bathroom. The kitchen is also blue and the dining room is bright green. The office is also green and the upstairs gameroom is red. The three bedrooms upstairs are also painted, the second master is blue and the two back bedrooms are orange. It took the painters all day, they weren't licensed or bonded but we had no accidents. On a side note, I was working the three days leading up to the painting so we had to buy the paint at night, we showed up to Home Depot at 9pm and had them mix 25 gallons of paint for us. As we left the guy working the paint said he never wanted to see us again. Turns out, we needed more yellow so Carl had to go on Saturday and he was working!!! He was relieved we only needed one more gallon.

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