Monday, March 16, 2009


I haven't posted in forever! Very sorry! Things have been busy but fun!
My Dad came down for a visit and we went to a wonderful restaurant for dinner and then to a Citadel basketball game. The Citadel bulldog lunged at me. I was walking by, going to my seat and felt a thud on my leg. I turned around and some cadets were pulling the bulldog back and he was in mid-lunge. Crazy dog. I was even wearing gray and blue to support the team. They ended up winning as well.
Then my Mom and Sher came for a visit. We went to the Charleston Food and Wine festival, I highly recommend it. We stayed at the tasting tents for 3 hours and then headed to the Sip and Stroll. The Sip and Stroll is where you go to tons of trendy boutiques and they give out wine while you shop. Needless to say, dinner was awesome and I did not drive home!
The next day we went to Magnolia Plantation. The gardens are so pretty and the entrance has big oak trees and minature ponies in the field. You could feed the ponies and they would take off running across the field on their little legs and a few of them even jumped a stream to get there. It was cracking me up. Then we had lunch and went to another plantation. That night we hung around the house which was relaxing and very needed.
The next day we has an amazing breakfast went to Kiawah island to drive around to look at some of the houses, which are all gorgeous and huge.
Now, I am offically on vacation. Saturday we went to a St. Patty's day block party. Some girls from work went, some neighbors and some other friends. We had so much fun. They some of us came back to our house for pool and fire pit. I love this season, spring is my favorite. There is so much to do. I have to rest of the week off and will try and get some chores done around the house and some yardwork done. Then Beth and Kelly arrive.
Hope all is well with everyone else, I just bought Natural Advantage off TV so look for me on the next commercial raving about my loss of wrinkles.

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